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Vectorizing is the process of converting bitmap image files to vector files.

evectorize.com specializes in creating professional vector files from your scanned bitmap images. The vector files are delivered back to you online within a few hours.
You vectorize bitmap images by first scanning the image(s) (logo, clipart etc.) and then using our online request form to send it to us. Specialized personnel hand convert the received bitmap image to a high quality vectorized logo or clipart and return it (via e-mail) back to you. You then just open the vectorized logo in your drawing program and use it to produce your high resolution graphic, sign, etc.


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The vectorizing process

Bitmap image files (also called raster images) are usually taken from imaging devices such as scanners or digital cameras. Usually they’re of poor quality and resolution. Sometimes they’re OK to print on a letterhead or business card. When larger sizes are required these files display jagged or blurred edges.

Using a professional vectorizing service such as evectorize.com the image becomes an excellent vector file that can be enlarged to any size. It prints perfect at any resolution and can also be plotted on a plotter or cutter. It also occupies less storage (memory) and can be manipulated easier and faster.

evectorize.com specializes for almost 2 decades now in hand vectorizing images for professionals who depend on high quality files. Using evectorize.com services you can be sure that you will get perfect vector files optimized for your usage at very affordable prices.

We are confident that you will be very satisfied by the quality of our vectorizing.
That's why we will send you the vectorized file and request payment only after you test or use it.
Modifications allowed.

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