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We manually vectorize scanned images and return to you a vector file that is of the highest quality and will withstand any magnification.

Our vectorizing services include converting scanned images to vector files using only hand vectorizing methods by highly experienced personnel.


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Original Vectorized is the first company that introduced online vectorizing services utilizing the power of the internet. Hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world are using our vectorizing services every day in order to deliver accurate, high quality artwork to their clients.

The images we vectorize can be from scanned logos, photos screen captures or any other similar digital source.

If you're new to vectorizing services, please see our vectorizing page for more details.

In order to use our services you have to be a registered user. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.

We are confident that you will be very satisfied by the quality of our vectorizing.
That's why we will send you the vectorized file and request payment only after you test or use it.
Modifications allowed.

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